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The ABCs of H&P at Fluid Power Expo

The Fluid Power Expo, a two-day conference and exhibition, convenes November 8 and 9 in Cleveland.

The ABCs of H&P at Fluid Power Expo

The Expo, sponsored by Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine, is an educational resource for engineers, designers, and technicians involved in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing machines and equipment powered by hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Highlighting the two-day event will be in-depth seminars on a wide range of fluidpower topics. One timely subject will be the basics of electrohydraulic motion control, which will delve into various hydraulic-control methods. It will include discussions on system response, overshoot and lag, hydromechanical resonant frequency, and other factors that affect performance. Design methods and positional servomechanisms will also be reviewed. Additional sessions cover electrohydraulics for mobile and industrial-control applications.

Other hydraulic topics include minimizing shock to increase system reliability, improving the performance and efficiency of power units, troubleshooting hydraulic systems, and effective heat management.

Pneumatics sessions will focus on controlling compressed-air energy costs and improving the quality of a plant's compressed air. Rounding out the conference will be a look at the advantages of air-over-oil circuits, sealing solutions, moreeconomical filtration, and a session on 2D and 3D fluid-power software.

Also, attendees can visit a series of exhibits featuring more than 25 manufacturers and suppliers for a hands-on look at the latest components, systems, and software. For more information, visit

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