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Machine Design

ACV and gear pump

An accumulator charge valve (ACV) combined with a gear pump from Haldex Hydraulics Corp., makes up a system that minimizes plumbing and mounting hardware. The system is designed for vehicles that use a full power hydraulicbrake system and requires power-off braking by storing energy in accumulators.

The gear pump operates at more than 90% overall efficiency across pressure and speed ranges.

The unit’s design reduces the potential for leak paths by minimizing plumbing, and provides excess flow from the charge valve to operate steering, cooling or implement functions.

The system comes with optional single or dual accumulator ports with four charging rates between 0.5 and 5 gpm. The unit displaces up to 1.4 cu in. with system pressures up to 3,000-psi maximum continuous.

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(507) 625-6426

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