Best new product designs of 2007

Sept. 13, 2007
The jury for the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) selected 20 Gold, 19 Silver, and 42 Bronze award winners out of 1,691 entrants in categories as diverse as consumer electronics, housewares, transportation, sporting goods, furniture, medical and scientific equipment, and eco-design.

Super-Quick Electric Sports Car (Gold: Ecodesign)

Jurors pointed out that the increase in student participation bodes well for the future of industrial design. Of the more than 240 student designs entered, 10 earned an award — up from 101 and eight awards last year. And this year, the jury recognized 30 designs from countries other than the U.S.

All 81 winners will be featured on IDSA's Website (, with descriptions, photos, and contact information. Many will also display their winning projects in the Design Gallery of Connecting'07, the upcoming lcsid/IDSA World Design Congress in San Francisco, October 17 to 20.

Easy-On-The Back Lift Truck (Gold: Business And Industrial Products)
The Crown Stacker Family of electric walk-behind lift trucks move pallets, pick orders, move heavy items or simply serve as portable, height-adjustable work platforms. The ergonomic X10 handle lets the operator activate all primary controls (lift, travel, and horn) simultaneously, with one hand.

For The Solderer In A State Of Flux (Gold: Student Design)
The Smart Opt adjustable soldering station includes soldering and desoldering irons, and hot tweezers. It reduces the risk of back injury, neck strain, headaches, and eye strain by adjusting to the user's size and stance, even as they become fatigued. Height adjustment reduces eye strain, and a 0-to-20° tilt creates a variable working surface. The tools can be shifted to accommodate left and right-hand users. And a turntable with high-heat-resistant silicon template pad can hold an impression of the final product.

Space-Saving Handicapped Toilet (Gold: Student Design)
The Universal Toilet is intended for use by everyone, including those with disabilities. Wheelchair users don't need to turn or twist but can simply slide forward off the wheelchair directly onto the toilet. A chest board offers added stability and comfort. Handles on the chest board aid standing or transferring from the wheelchair. For other users, the chest board becomes a backboard to lean against. The design requires only a quarter of the space of existing handicapped toilets.

World's Best Instrument Panel (Gold: Interaction Design)
The pilot-friendly instrument panel of the Eclipse 500 blends with the overall design vision for the jet. The design team achieved a layout for the instrument panel that is more intuitive, less cluttered, less fatiguing, and more motion efficient. In addition, the panel evokes a high-tech jet aircraft with a jet-fighter gray background, metal trim, and white-lining control groups.


Designers of the Tesla Roadster, a high-performance, electric-powered sports car, hope to change public perception about electric vehicles. The Tesla produces zero emissions, goes 250-mi on a single charge, and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 sec.

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