Gearbox Tube Uses Laser-Welded Hot-Oil-Resistant Nylon

Oct. 26, 2006
German automotive supplier IBS Filtran combined injection-molding with laser-transmission welding to join separately molded parts.

Julie Kalista
Online Editor

The technique eliminates the risk of producing loose particles that might contaminate the oil.

The tube made of DuPont Zytel nylon carries oil from the filter to the Volkswagon's six-speed direct-shift gearbox. A ring of heat and oil-resistant DuPont Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomer seals the tube from the gearbox. The oil handles temperatures of -40 to + 140 ° C and is reinforced with 30 % glass fiber.

IBS divided the tube into separate parts; one part is made of laser-absorbent variant of Zytel 70G30 HSLR and can be molded in a tool with a single parting line. On the open areas laser-welds two other injection-molded tops of the same nylon but using a laser-transparent variant. The weld-seam is precisely defined and air and oil-tight. Because the process does not involve oil contact surfaces, there is no danger that particles of the plastic material could come loose and enter the oil-stream.

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