Rule-capturing software speeds design

Jan. 20, 2005
A manufacturer of heat exchangers can now shape its new products up to 80% quicker thanks to software that drives their CAD system.

RuleStream software let Lytron speed its buildto-order process for products such as recirculating chillers, nonrefrigerated cooling systems, and aluminum oil coolers.

Engineers at Lytron, Woburn, Mass. (, wrote design rules for their products into RuleStream software from RuleStream, Wakefield, Mass. (, to speed the manufacturer's build-to-order operations.

"Heat exchangers are highly specialized and our workloads are heavy," says Lytron CAD Design Manager Chuck Marshall. "But the easy-to-use rule-capturing environment in the software let us get one product line up and running in just a few weeks." RuleStream works exclusively with SolidWorks models.

New product drawings are now created by simply entering values for characteristics such as a few dimensions and a heat load. The software uses the figures and design rules to recalculate part dimensions and generates drawings. Besides speeding operations, this reduces the potential for error. "We estimate the software will pay for itself in less than a year," adds Marshall.

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