Working on a BMW: A teenager's dream

Aug. 19, 2004
German automaker BMW is donating eight current-model vehicles to high schools and technical schools across the eastern U.S. for use in automotive-technician training programs.

Working on a BMW: A teenager's dream

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60,000 automotive service jobs in the U.S. are going unfulfilled as the automotive industry competes for skilled labor with other high-tech industries. With over 1.9 million BMWs currently on the road, the need for highly skilled technicians will continue to escalate. There is an anticipated 18% growth for the profession by 2010, which translates into 991,000 technicians.

Vehicle donations are part of the Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES), a partnership of automotive manufacturers, dealers, and qualified high schools offering career and technical training to encourage students interested in pursuing retail automotive service careers.

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