Baker finds much-kneaded distribution recipe

Oct. 26, 2006
A major European baker needed a way to keep track of the 70,000 boxes of bread it ships daily to customers in two countries.

A pallet of boxes stands ready for scanning with a Visidot reader.

European baker Groupe Jacquet uses the Visidot reader (shown here) to help track 70,000 boxes of bread every day.

Groupe Jacquet, a bakery with facilities in France and Belgium, chose the Visidot system from ImageID, Israel, to satisfy the traceability requirements of the European General Food Law.

Visidot Readers scan individual bar codes on each box of bread. Jacquet says the Visidot readers identify hundreds of boxes on each pallet in a single read, with 100% accuracy. The system even captures accurate data for boxes that have shifted.

Before a pallet is loaded on a truck, the forklift driver places it in front of the Visidot Reader, which captures all items on the pallet in less than 1 sec. If an item on the pallet is not part of the order, an alarm activates and the exact location of the item displays on the interface. The operator removes the item and continues loading. For homogeneous pallets, the operator clicks the "homogeneous" button on the handheld interface and scans a single label.

After each pallet has been scanned, the system prints a shipping label on a printer at the reading station. The code on the label references all items on the pallet from this point forward in the supply chain. The system also generates a report indicating which items have been sent and which items need to be sent later. The data then goes electronically to customers.

Jacquet claims 100% accuracy in filling customer orders since adopting the system.


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