Fluid-power conference goes green

Sept. 27, 2007
This year’s premier event for fluid-power engineers and designers, the Fluid Power Conference & Expo, will be held November 13 and 14 in Cleveland.

Sponsored by Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine, the Expo will feature seminars and workshops on topics ranging from fluid-power fundamentals and pump-failure analysis to electrohydraulic- system design and wireless controls for industrial and mobile applications.

Many of this year’s sessions will focus on making systems more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. These include: Water hydraulics. Water is inexpensive, doesn’t burn, and can be environmentally benign. This session covers the advantage and disadvantages of water as a hydraulic fluid. Reducing noise. Learn how and where hydraulic systems generate and transmit noise, and various prevention and suppression methods.

Successful sealing. Preventing leaks is essential, but seals perform a delicate balancing act. They must be tight enough to keep fluids in; but too tight and they generate excessive friction that reduces machine efficiency and causes premature wear. This forum explains the many different seal materials, shapes and configurations, and how to identify the best combination of characteristics for an application.

Clean and safe designs. Most hydraulic systems bleed air to the atmosphere, which can harm workers and the environment. They also store energy after shutdown – posing a safety hazard. This workshop spells out how to clean the air and make systems safer.

Reducing shock and vibration. Fast-acting systems often suffer from impact and vibration, taking a toll on components, structures, and personnel. The session illustrates how to reduce and prevent unwanted shocks and shakes. Right-sizing power units. Discover tips on how to select pumps, motors, and reservoirs for the most efficient and quiet operation.

Complementing the conference will be a tabletop exhibition of the latest fluid-power products, systems, and software. For more information, visit fluidpowerexpo.com

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