High-precision microtesters

July 10, 2003
The model 5848 MicroTester is designed for testing MEMs, photonic, and microelectronic devices.

It features precise load and displacement measurement capability combined with good cyclic performance. Applications include semiconductor die shear and pull tests, tensile testing of fine wires and fibers, flex testing of circuit boards or substrates, and peel tests of thin films and substrates.

The device has a load capacity of 2 kN and is claimed to provide the submicron position measurement accuracy and high-precision load and position-control capability required for static testing microcomponents, and dynamic performance needed for cyclic-fatigue testing. The design has a rigid frame, suitable for both horizontal and vertical orientations. A specially designed encoder sits directly on the loading actuator and provides position measurement resolution of more than 20 nm. The servoelectric actuator drive system is suited for clean rooms and, with its small footprint, can be installed on laboratory workbenches or tables. A variety of interchangeable accessories are available.
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