"Dashing through the snow ..."

Nov. 3, 2005
Steve Luhr dreamed of elevating the quaint pastime of sledding to the level of cool enjoyed by snowboarding and extreme skiing.

The Hammerhead Sled took the silver at the 2005 IDEA.

His musing resulted in the creation of the Hammerhead Sled.

"Sledding has incredible advantages in our busy, overcommitted, videogame world," says Luhr, president of Vermont-based Cool Front, the sled's maker.

Steve Luhr and his brother, Rich, formed a partnership with Worrell Inc., Minneapolis, after meeting Robert Worrell, the company president, at a 2003 medical-device conference.

"Steve and Rich wanted to recreate the nostalgia of the old Flexible Flyer for a new generation of extreme sled enthusiasts," says Worrell. The sled's designers set out to make a sled that was lightweight, fast, able to maneuver in a range of snow types, and would perform well whether sitting down or riding headfirst.

The Hammerhead Sled earned a 2005 IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) Silver Award for consumer products. With precision-engineered aluminum frame, patented steering, interchangeable skis, and suspension fabric seating, the sled weighs in at 8.7 lb.


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