Liquid lenses coming to pocket cameras

Jan. 11, 2007
A liquid-lens system with no moving parts and integrated driver lets users accurately focus miniature autofocus cameras at close range.

A liquid lens from Varioptic, France, and Durel LL3 driver from Rogers Corp. let miniature autofocus cameras focus at close range.

Rogers Corp., Rogers, Conn., and Varioptic in France collaborated on the system.

Based on the electrowetting phenomenon, Varioptic's liquid lens uses two isodensity liquids, one an insulator, the other a conductor. Varying the voltage leads to a curvature change at the liquid-liquid interface which, in turn, changes the focal length of the lens. The Durel LL3 driver from Rogers Corp. provides the needed voltage.

"The Durel LL3 driver gives a thin profile and conserves battery life at the same time," says Sushil Vij, Rogers' product manager. Philippe Ruffin, Varioptic product marketing manager, says, "Our autofocus lenses cost less than mechanical versions and never wear out because they have no moving parts."

Rogers Corp.,

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