The plastics web comes to Machine Design

Dec. 8, 2005
MACHINE DESIGN magazine has begun working with IDES Inc.,Laramie, Wyo.,an industry leader.

The Plastics Web comes to Machine Design

The IDES database on contains information on more than 60,000 polymer materials from over 500 companies.

MACHINE DESIGN magazine has begun working with IDES Inc., Laramie, Wyo., an industry leader in plastics information and data management. MACHINE DESIGN readers will be able to access The Plastics Web, a Web site that lets industry professionals obtain wide-ranging information on polymer materials, at

The IDES site includes a database of more than 60,000 plastic-material data sheets from over 500 global resin suppliers. The database covers all standards and displays information in English or SI units.

The Plastics Web includes comprehensive directories of plastic materials, generic families, and resin manufacturers and distributors. The site features chemical resistance and plastics-processing charts, along with tools such as a molding troubleshooter, material cost estimator, library of test methods, unit converter, and glossary of common plastic terms.

A Plastics Search feature includes specialized search engines that focus exclusively on engineering and technical information for plastic materials.

The partnership with IDES combines MACHINE DESIGN's extensive library on engineered materials — including industry news, technical articles, and engineering basics — with the depth of IDES material and provides the design engineering community with even more in-depth materials selection search capabilities and information.

"The IDES philosophy of providing relevant engineering information to help engineers in the design process fits perfectly with MACHINE DESIGN's aim to provide the most complete package of useful technical information," says MACHINE DESIGN Group Publisher Rob Dorfmeyer. " We are pleased to partner with this top-notch information provider."

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