Hannover Fair focuses on efficiency

March 22, 2007
The 2007 Hannover Fair, one of the world's largest industrial technology trade fairs, takes place April 16 to 20 in Hannover, Germany.

This year's Hannover Fair will highlight technical innovations in power transmission and motion control.

The 2007 Hannover Fair, one of the world's largest industrial technology trade fairs, takes place April 16 to 20 in Hannover, Germany. The event includes 13 specialized trade shows hosting approximately 6,000 exhibitors and attendees from around 65 countries.

A central focus of this year's Fair is the Motion, Drive, and Automation (MDA) show. Twelve exhibit halls will feature products and systems for power transmission, motion control, and machine automation, highlighting technical innovations across the entire spectrum of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies.

Energy efficiency will be an overriding theme at MDA, with energy-saving drives, innovative motors, low-friction bearings, and high-efficiency gears and couplings.

MDA will also address the growing use of condition-monitoring systems to identify sources of impending failure early on. By preventing unscheduled downtime, they help ensure safe and reliable factory equipment and operations and hold great potential for cutting costs. Special exhibits will concentrate on practical issues facing industrial companies, including minimizing the effects of machine faults, limiting damage, scheduling repairs, and preventing recurring failures.

Complementing MDA are Hannover's Industrial and Factory Automation shows, featuring key disciplines such as open and closed-loop control, measurement systems, robotics, and networks for industrial processes.

A special wireless-automation expertise center will explain how to operate, monitor, and control wireless systems, and perform remote maintenance. Lectures and product presentations will cover GSM/GPRS and UMTS, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, sensor networks, and near field communication. A team of experts will be available to answer specific questions and put users in touch with relevant exhibitors. A related Industrial Identification display will focus on intelligent identification and marking, with particular emphasis on RFID and transponder technologies.

Hannover's Research & Technology trade show revolves around technology transfer. Displays will include the latest research findings from universities and R&D centers around the world, as well as market-ready products. For instance, one display area has been allocated to adaptronics, an emerging crossover technology for adjusting mechanical properties to changing conditions, thus permitting active control of noise and vibration. The show will also premiere a pioneering atomic transistor that controls electric circuits using just a single atom — heralded as a milestone on the road to atomic electronics.

Other shows at Hannover Fair 2007 will cover compressed air and vacuum technology; surface treatments, finishes and coatings; subcontracting, including components, materials, services, and systems for automotive, industrial, mechanical, and plant engineering; microsystems and nanotechnology; and generation of conventional and renewable power.

The fourth annual Hermes Award, highlighting groundbreaking technological innovations, will be presented at the Fair. With a total prize of EUR 100,000, it is one of the world's most lucrative industrial competitions.

Visit hf-usa.comfor more information.

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