Hannover Fair: 11 shows focus on technology and automation

April 1, 2005
The Hannover Fair, the world's largest exhibition of industrial and automation technology, takes place April 11 to 15 in Hannover, Germany.

This year, 11 trade shows will host more than 6,000 exhibitors from 60 countries. Together, the shows will highlight trends, innovations, and key technologies impacting industrial processes, including basic research, machine and factory automation, energy generation, and contract services.

One major sector will be Motion, Drive and Automation, with eight exhibition halls devoted to power transmission and motion control. Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical components on display will include a wide array of pumps and valves, gears and bearings, and electrical motors and drives, as well as related controls, sensors, and networks.

Special presentations will focus on recent innovations and emerging technologies. For example, a condition-monitoring area will show how intelligent system diagnostics can detect early signs of wear and tear before expensive breakdowns bring production to a sudden halt.

A water-hydraulics pavilion will delve into environmental and hygienic benefits of eliminating petroleum-based fluids from hydraulic systems. And an off-road application park will feature live, outdoor demonstrations of agricultural and construction equipment, showcasing the latest trends in mobile hydraulics and antifriction bearings.

Another major show, Factory Automation, centers on flexible, network-based automation. Technologies on display will include controls, measurement and sensing, industrial communications and networks, embedded systems, and actuator systems. A special robotics exhibition will demonstrate new applications of power transmission and control for food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and industrial production.

The Hannover Fair will also have a special section dedicated to wireless communication. It will highlight key trends and present a range of solutions for remote control and monitoring of machines, as well as entire production and process installations. Various options, such as RFID, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, and ZigBee, offer alternatives to fixed-wire installations for exchanging data between machines and central control units. Mobile phone systems using GSM and UMTS for remote machine monitoring and maintenance will also be on display.

Other trade shows at Hannover 2005 include:
Interkama, featuring controls, networks, and systems for process automation.
Digital Factory, devoted to process integration and IT.
MicroTechnology, a trade fair showcasing applied microtechnology and nanotechnology.
Research and Technology, providing information on applied research relevant to industrial processes and systems.
Energy, a show focusing on renewable sources and energy management.
Surface Technology, displaying powder coatings and other surface treatments.
Subcontracting, featuring services and materials related to mechanical, automotive, and plant engineering.

Hannover Fair 2005 will also host a summit meeting for Europe's engineers. The European Engineers' Forum, which will be held on the first day of the fair, is a joint effort by the Brussels-based FEANI (Federation of European National Engineering Associations), all its affiliated European engineering associations, and Deutsche Messe AG. The forum offers representatives from European industry, science, and government the chance to discuss innovations in engineering and the role of engineering in shaping Europe's economic future. It will also include topical presentations geared to engineers, as well as a job and career forum.

For more information on Hannover Fair 2005, visit hannovermesse.de.

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