White pails go green

April 12, 2007
A new BH374MO polypropylene from Borealis AG, Austria, has been developed specifically for pail-packaging converters.

Low-viscosity BH374MO polypropylene from Borealis AG, fulfills all food-contact approvals and is suitable for both food and nonfood applications. It is a 100% recyclable monomaterial.

The eco-friendly material reportedly makes pails easier to stack while boasting high impact resistance and good aesthetics.

The low-viscosity BH374MO's higher-than-normal melt flow rate (MFR) of 45 is said to deliver unrivaled consistency in both single and multicavity molds. This helps shorten production cycles and speed processing while using less energy.

Suppliers say the material's high stiffness, light weight, strength, and antistatic qualities are also noteworthy. BH374MO's high stiffness lets pails have thinner walls, thus reducing weight and enabling the use of new handle connections for easier stacking of empty pails. The new material is strong enough to keep a pail base from collapsing from the force of liquid contents. This can happen when filled pails are stacked up. High stiffness also prevents leakage or breakage, even in the event of rough handling.

A special antistatic additive improves aesthetics by ensuring pails don't attract dust and retain their attractiveness over the long term. This is of particular importance to the pail-packaging sector where 80% of pails are white and show dust readily.

Borealis AG, 43(0) 1 22 4000,


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