Staying super cool with heat-transfer fluids

Oct. 6, 2005
A maker of pharmaceuticals in Puerto Rico found that ordinary glycol/water coolant couldn't get its manufacturing processes down to the right temperature.

Nitrogen apparatus with tubing: cooling with Paratherm CR cryo-range heat-transfer fluid.

The solution was Paratherm MG, a food-grade nonaqueous heat/cool fluid that eliminates the design and operational problems found in steam/chilled-water systems.

The fluid cools processes operating from 0 to 260° C. It comes from Paratherm Corp., West Conshohocken, Pa., a manufacturer of high-temperature transfer fluids. The company also makes Paratherm LR heat-transfer fluid, a food-grade (NSF-approved) coolant operating between 40 and 204°C, and cryogenic range CR heat transfer fluid for ultra-cold process temperatures (down to 100°C) often present in pharmaceutical and fine-chemical manufacturing. The low viscosity permits higher fluid turbulence, resulting in faster heat removal than silicone liquids or d-Limonenebased fluids.

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