The RedEye Link in AutoCAD 2009 Lets Designers Get Thermoplastic Prototypes

March 3, 2009
The RedEye Link in AutoCAD 2009 Lets Designers Get Thermoplastic Prototypes

Additive technologies such as fused-deposition modeling (FDM) just keep pushing the design envelope. The recent Autodesk University trade show in Las Vegas showcased a full-scale custom motorcycle created with on-demand rapid-prototyping service from RedEye, Eden Prairie, Minn.

The vehicle’s realistic features include working steering, headlights, and wheels. Built using ABS M30 high-strength thermoplastic, the motorcycle is strong enough to hang suspended two stories above the crowd, making for a striking presentation.

Autodesk says users can now generate 3D “prints,” such as the motorcycle, directly from inside AutoCAD 2009. A Web service there links to Red- Eye, where 3D prints are created and then sent back to users.

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