A Timing Belt That Lasts the Life of the Engine

March 3, 2009
New materials and methods lead to a timing belts that lasts the life of the engine

A new timing belt should last as long as the common-rail diesel engine on which it is used. Developed by engineers at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group, a division of Continental AG based in Montvale, N.J., the belt will be used in the new VW Golf, the first VW diesel that meets the Euro 5 standard for emissions. The belt transmits power from the turning crankshaft to the camshaft via the common-rail pump. It follows a circuitous path, always a challenge for belt flexibility. The belt makes use of thinner cords than normal, which improves bending fatigue strength. And the cords contain an elastomer that makes the belt stable and flexible in temperatures down to –32°C. The belt, dubbed the Conti Diesel Runner, has been tested for more than 240,000 km on a VW engine test bench. Continental says test results showed it should last the life of the engine.

Fastening Technology & Bolted Joint Design
Seminars For Engineers, a division of Sensor Products Inc., in association with Clemson Edupro Inc., is offering two 2009 Fastening Technology and Bolted Joint Design seminar dates: March 24-25 and Nov. 17-18. Both seminars will take place in Chicago.

This seminar gives engineers and technicians up-to-date specifications and an understanding of the complexity of mechanical joining with fasteners. Topics include: bolted/screwed joints; elastic interactions and preload stress; review of proper tightening methods; selecting optimal fasteners for design; evaluating dissimilar materials for thermal expansion; and gaining insights into materials, threads, and product standards.

Information about this seminar and technical seminars in other locations is available online at SeminarsForEngineers.com/boltedjoint, e-mail: [email protected], phone: (877) 755-2272.

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