118 Wallypower, a High-End Power Boat

June 16, 2009
The 118Wallypower represents the extreme high-end in the powerboat industry.
For more info on power and sailing yachts from Wally, www.wally.com

Who cares if the fish aren’t biting? Just kicking back in the 118-ft 118 WallyPower luxury power boat made by Wally Yachts in Monaco should be vacation enough. But if speed is your thing, the boat can cruise at 60 knots for over 6 hr. Throttling back to 9 knots extends the range to 1,500 nautical miles on a tankful. Granted, the boat carries a 5,812-gallon fuel tank, but it burns 15 gallons/nm when going 60 knots. And if you can afford the nearly $25 million price tag, the price of gas shouldn’t bother you. Power is proved by three 5,600-hp Vericor gas turbines. Each turbine drives a Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjet, giving it left and right steerable jets and one nonsteering booster on the centerline. The waterjets can also be powered by a 370-hp Cummins diesel, making it a combined diesel and gas turbine or CODOG. If you’re looking to cut corners, a twin-diesel version, which includes the waterjets, goes for just $17 million.

The boat displaces 95 tons and carries a crew of six plus six passengers. Below the waterline, the boat is constructed of fiberglass. Above that, fiberglass/ carbon composite over a balsa wood core forms the structure. The deck, which is covered in teak, is Nomex/carbon composite. The superstructure is also covered in panels made of triple-laminate glass and Lexan. Interior bulkheads carry no loads, so they are thin wood and laminate veneers over lightweight cores. Bath fixtures, dining tables, and some chairs are carbon composite to save weight. Currently, there’s only one of these super yachts plying the seas.

Tech Specs
Length (at waterline)
100 ft
29.5 ft
4.5 ft
Displacement (half load)
95 tons
Cruising speed
60 kn
Three gas turbines for 16,800 hp
Auxiliary power
Two Cummins diesels for 740 hp
Range @ cruise
380 nm
Range @ 9 knots
1,500 nm
Fuel consumption @60 knots
15 gallons/nm
Fuel capacity
5,812 gallons
Fresh-water capacity
317 gallons
Water making
Idromat MC-105 makes 79 gallons/hr
Two 33-kW Kohler units generate 380 V @ 50 Hz
Navigation aids
Autopilot, GPS, Satcom, Depth-sounder, wind instruments, radar, gyrocompass
Hi-fi radio, three 15-in. LCD TVs, three 20-in. LCD TVs
Six guests/Six crew
15-ft inflatable with 40-hp engine

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