Cold-seal packaging protects toothbrush shield

Oct. 20, 2011
Cold-seal packaging protects toothbrush shield


Engineers at E4 Technologies in Vero Beach, Fla., developed Intellident, a quick-drying shield that covers the head of a toothbrush to block microbes and wick moisture away from the bristles. Then they turned to material experts at Fabrico, Kennesaw, Ga., to develop an economical package for it. The result was a two-piece package made of a pair of cold-seal sheets. (Cold-seal materials are pressure-sensitive adhesives that only bond to themselves at room temperature under slight pressure.) The sheets were printed with information, squeezed together in a rotary press to create a package, then die cut to the final shape. The collaboration between the two companies also led to E4’s using Fabrico’s ultrasound welding to manufacture Intellident shields.

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