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Backtalk - 01/10/2008

Searching for speed traps worldwide

Drivers around the world can pinpoint and review speed traps located anywhere on the planet, thanks to The Portland, Oreg.- based Speed Trap (, ) is a mashup (Web application hybrid) that uses Microsoft Live Maps to pinpoint and review speed traps. Members share information in a database that can be viewed by anyone. In addition to the location of the trap, members can post detailed information such as the type of speed detection used, posted speed limit, and level of enforcement. also includes a Forums section in which bloggers/ technical contributors (those with an aptitude about cars) can write about current technical issues, a Download section that lets users upload and download Engine Control Unit (ECU) maps or other technical specifications, and a photo section with over 5 Gbytes of high-resolution photos for anyone to browse and download.

Miniature engineering masterpieces

Austria’s Minimundus park, which opened in 1958, has grown to display over 150 models of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The park sits on 26,000 m2 and also features specialized landscapes, f loral displays, and a tropical rain forest.

The realistic-looking models are created down to the smallest detail and, where feasible, with original materials, such as marble, sandstone, basalt, and tuff. The company also uses 3D “walk-throughs” of model interiors, audio guides, original sound documentation, or background music typical to a particular country.

There are many moving models, such as the space shuttle which blasts off every hour/ Check out the minimundus site at

A replica of the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. While construction of the cathedral began in 1892, it is not yet completed. The cathedral was designed by noted genius/madman, artist, and architect Antonio Gaudí.

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