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Backtalk 2/5/2009

Aircraft hoax? Courtesy of AVweb’s News Editor Glenn Pew, check out the video showing an aerobatic aircraft safely landing after losing its right wing. Amazing or unbelievable — you decide. (





Smart Car body kits Go from this . . .




to this . . .




High-tech, high-energy fun igus Inc. has become the latest sponsor of the Botball Educational Robotics Program, funded by the Kiss Institute for Practical Robotics. For this year’s competition, igus Inc. is donating Energy Chain cable carriers and Dry- Lin linear-guide systems to 400 competing teams.

The Botball Program integrates science, technology, engineering, and math with robotics.

Students have seven weeks to design, build, and program a mobile, autonomous robot. Participants must also document their engineering process onl ine. The robot s must be programmed to maneuver on a game board without using a remote control. At a later date, the student-built robots will compete in a fast-paced, nondestructive regional tournament.

Visit or for more information.

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