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Backtalk 5/5/2011

Cheap gas finder

If you’re looking for the cheapest gas around, AAA may be able to help. Visit and plug in where you live. Of course, they can’t guarantee the accuracy of the prices, since we all know how stations change their prices at a moment’s notice.

The Great Moonbuggy race

Two teams from Teodoro Aguilar Mora Vocational High School, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, drove off with first and second place in the high-school division of the 18th annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race. For the second straight year, the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao blew past its competitors to come in first in the college division. The University of Puerto Rico is the only school that has entered a moonbuggy in every race since the event began back in 1994.

Students from around the world are challenged to build and race lightweight, human-powered buggies. Over 70 high-school, college and university teams from 22 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, India, and Russia, participated. The overall goal of the competition is to increase the interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, so students will pursue careers in technical fields that will benefit NASA, the nation, and mankind. The event is organized by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. This year’s race also celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first use of a crewed Lunar Roving Vehicle on the moon in July 1971.

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