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Bonds across the water

Two polyurethane adhesives have crossed the Atlantic, joining the Araldite 2000 Plus family of epoxy, methacrylate, and polyurethane adhesives from Huntsman Advanced Materials, The Woodlands, Tex.

The 2000 Plus range of structural adhesives are known for their light weight, durable, and long lasting bonds. They range from load-bearing versions for bonding metals and composites, resilient and flexible options for thermoplastics and metal combinations, and those that cure slowly for large area application. Various grades fill gaps and bond vertical joints, transparent grades join glass, and others resist high temperatures and chemicals and bond in minutes. Both grades are low shrink polyurethane adhesives that are more flexible (i.e., high elongation) than their epoxy counterparts.

Araldite 2018 is a low viscosity, easy-to-handle polyurethane for bonding tough-to-join thermoplastics including ABS, SMC, polycarbonate, and glass-reinforced composites. Bonded assemblies are strong enough to handle in four hours at ambient temperature or in four minutes at 212°F (100°C). The adhesive also has good UV stability.

Araldite 2055 is a gap-filling polyurethane adhesive for use on polyamides, thermoset composites, ABS, metals, and ceramics. It features a 1-hr pot life, making it suitable for assembling large parts. It cures in 20 min. at 212°F and maintains good bond strength even when exposed to fluids, heat, and humidity.

Araldite 2000 Plus adhesives come in easy-to-use 50, 200,and 400 ml dual barrel cartridges and pre-measured packs for use in manual or pneumatic guns.

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