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Machine Design

Brushless Motion Technology Study

The motion control industry is undergoing a period of worldwide consolidation and restructuring becuase more motion and control functions are being used in electronics and software.

MTT report shows the market for different motor technologies in Factory Automation applications for 2002. The graph is for electric motor value only.
Factory Automation applications are widely scattered and distributed; each niche has its own dynamics and growth patterns. In response to this, Motion Tech Trends (MTT), is conducting a study to focus on:
  • Whats down the road for Brushless Motion Technology suppliers?
  • How diverse is the competitive market?
  • Does the market segment size impact your strategic planning decisions?
  • What sales channels are available now and in the future?
Forecasts will be developed for over 20 Factory Automation Market Sub-segments in this new study of the brushless market. Motors and drives will be analyzed separately, and units and monetary value show forecasts. Competitive sales by market shares and sales channels will be discussed in detail. If you are interested in participating in this new brushless technology study, please contact Motion Tech Trends, 1520 Centinela Ave., Inglewood, CA 90302, (310) 674-3445, [email protected]
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