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Call for papers: Fieldbus applications, industrial Ethernet

esd electronics Inc., Greenfield, Mass., seeks papers and presenters on fieldbus applications and industrial Ethernet technologies that will appeal to engineers, managers, and decision makers. Papers and presentations will be included in esd's annual seminar event, to be held October 8 in Boston.

Wilfried Voss, president of esd, announced his plans to continue the popular CAN (Controller Area Network) Seminar Series in 2009 with the addition of presentations on Ethernet technology and under a new name, “Fieldbus Seminars.” Besides the basics of CAN, this year’s seminars will put an increased focus on Ethernet-based industrial protocols. The EtherCAT Technology Group has also indicated they are interested in participating in the seminars.

esd is seeking speakers who would make short presentations on fieldbus applications, growing and emerging technologies, industry applications, or case studies that would appeal to engineers, managers, or others concerned with the issues of implementing fieldbus and/or industrial Ethernet technologies. Send your proposal to [email protected] by March 4 for consideration.

On another note, Mr. Voss is also working with maxon motors USA on a webinar presentation scheduled for March 12. Visit for more information.

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