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Clay could stop corrosion in its tracks

Ohio State University engineers are developing paint that may eliminate corrosion.

The paint contains tiny particles of clay to capture chemicals that cause corrosion, releasing just the right amount of a corrosion-fighting agent when needed, says Rudolph Buchheit, professor of materials science and engineering.

The paint pigment contains the rare-earth-element cerium, one of several natural anti-corrosion minerals. The new pigment absorbs chloride and releases cerium to form a protective film over cracks in the paint. Cerium is also an ingredient of coatings inside self-cleaning ovens. However, ordinarily the coatings are passive, releasing the element continuously until gone. Scientists have been trying to create "smart pigments" that can do more. "The challenge is how to keep these rare-earth elements stored in paint and then release them on demand, just when conditions are right for corrosion," says Buchheit.

OSU engineers are still working on the pigment, which is not ready for commercialization. Also, the pigment should work with any corrosion inhibitor. Testing is currently underway with molybdenum and vanadium.


Texas Instruments has integrated its TMS320F2810 and F2812 digital-signal controllers onto eight of Sauer Danfoss' PLUS 1 modules that are used to design and manufacture electronic and hydraulic machinery systems.

The Ports of Indiana approved the preliminary steps for providing approximately $11 million in real-estate financing for Berry Plastics Corp. to expand its Evansville headquarters with 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space. The project will be financed by port revenue bonds and leased from the Ports of Indiana. This is part of a new financing program to help Indiana companies grow and create new jobs.

Data Circuit Systems Inc. recently purchased two EMX 6151 Flying Probe test systems from Microcraft. The company's test department now operates five Flying Probes 24 hr/day.

Chase Plastics, an engineering thermoplastics distributor, continues its support of higher education through the Society of Plastics Engineers-Chase Plastics Student Chapter Education Award and the Chase Plastics Annual Scholarship Program.

Datastrip Corp. selected the Fujitsu MBF200 single-touch fingerprint sensor for use in its portable biometric smart-card reader, the DSVII-SC.

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