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Compact nailer speeds connector installation

Within the past few years, mother nature has wreaked havoc around the globe. The resulting massive structural damage has pushed engineers to develop stronger and more efficient building materials and, has also brought about stiffer building codes.

Julie Kalista
Online Editor

Last year, Stanley Bostitch, East Greenwhich, Rhode Island, brought out Hurriquake nails for areas prone to both hurricanes and earthquakes. The metal connectors have become the industry standard virtually overnight. This year, the firm has developed the Strapshopt 2½ in. metal connector nailer, to help contractors speed up installation.

Before Strapshot, contractors either nailed metal connectors by hand or used a palm nailer and neither method was ideal. The nose of Strapshot exposes each nail tip and places it directly into connector holes before the tool fires. Its nail management system features a head-stop and check-pawls to prevent jams. It works in tight, hard-to-reach areas and fits into 90°angled corners for more maneuvarbility. The tool also comes in a short magazine version for highly confined areas.

An adjustable rafter hook lets users hang the nailer on rafters and joists. Its low nail lock-out prevents cycling when the magazine contains five or less fasteners. This feature alerts users to load a fresh strip of nails before conitnuing. An over-molded grip brings operator comfort and minimizes slippage. Steel wear gurds with rubber skid pads protect the housing from wear-and-tear while a tool-free 360° adjustable exhaust directs blow-back out and away from the user.

The nailer has a magazine capacity of 53 fasteners nad accepts 1-½ to 2-½ in. paper tape collated nails ranging from 0.131 to 0.162 in diameter. Use of the strapshot fasteners is an approved method by both Simpson Strong Ties and USP.

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