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Composite rides the waves

The Ultimate Kayak from Legacy Paddlesports is the first commercial application to feature formed, large, three-dimensional parts made from Tegris fabric.

Tegris polypropylene (PP) composites from Milliken feature a high stiffness to weight ratio and exceptional impact performance.

The composite is based on highly engineered tape with an extensively drawn PP interlayer sandwiched between lower melting PP skins. The interior layer delivers the high stiffness property to the material while the skin layer acts as the matrix material bonding the composite together with the application of heat and pressure.

To produce the Ultimate Kayaks, Milliken created a machined aluminum tool with poured silicone plug. The shape of the plug ensures the fabric fully contacts the aluminum tool under pressure. Milliken also developed a diamond weave fabric with good drape and moldability. Silver fabric was chosen for its improved UV durability. To boost abrasion resistance and prevent UV surface degradation, a specially developed film molds onto the Tegris fabric surface. The film also easily colors to Legacy's olive or gold specs.

More Information:
Tegris composites

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