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DC motors keeps quiet when working

DC motors keeps quiet when working


DCmind Brush motors from Crouzet, San Diego, a subsidiary of Custom Sensors and Technologies, are said to be some of the quietest motors on the market. They generate about 35 dB when operating, about 20 dB less than conventional motors. According to the company, the lack of noise is due to high-quality magnets, brushes, and bearings, and the special shaping and balancing of the rotor poles. These factors reduce the amount of energy dissipated through vibrations.

The motors’ low sound levels meet standards for medical devices (IEC 60601-1), office equipment (IEC 60950), and household appliances (IEC 60335).

The motors are more than 80% efficient and will last at least 5,000‰hr under normal loads. At lower loads, service life can be extended to 24,000‰hr.

The DCmind Brush line includes 15, 25, and 55-W motors with a 42-mm diameter, and 55 and 104-W motors with a 63-mm diameter. The motors support 12, 24, and 48-V power supplies. Available accessories include rear brakes, optical or Hall-effect encoders (one or two channels), connectors and wires, and various shaft sizes.

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