Machine Design

Digitize the room - Laser scanner makes it possible

New software is boosting the speed and detail available through laser scanning.

Digitize the room — Laser scanner makes it possible

The Faro Laser Scanner LS produces a 360° view.


The Faro Laser Scanner LS, from Faro Technologies Inc., Lake Mary, Fla., digitizes massive spaces into 3D data, scanning 120,000 pps — up to 100 times faster than most time-of-flight scanners — with 3-mm accuracy. The result is an image so detailed that it looks like a black-and-white photo, but in three dimensions. A color option uses a digital camera to overlay color pixels on the point-cloud data. This data lets users measure distance between points, move in 3D space, and create CAD models.

"The software expands our traditional base to industries such as tunnel excavation, mining, historical preservation, civil engineering, as well as forensic and insurance investigations," says Faro Chairman Simon Raab.

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