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Durable paint films give roofing strips a colorful palette

Roofing strips made from body-colored plastic and Fluorex Paint Film match the paint on select models of Audi A8 sedans.

Fluorex paint film also lets designers get multiple looks and decorating options with the same tool and process.

Fluorex Paint films from Soliant LLC, Lancaster, S.C., let designers color complicated extruded profiles from the entire color palette of car makers, says Volker Heinel, head of marketing for the international automotive supplier Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier, based in Germany.

Soliant Fluorex paint film is reportedly gaining use among automakers because it gives more durable finish. Gravelometer laboratory tests and field trials show that paint films are better than paint at resisting weather and chipping.

Fluorex paint film also lowers manufacturing costs. Immediate savings come when automakers remove a processing step — paint film parts are finished right out of the mold. Paint films are compatible with extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding, and compression molding. This lets multiple parts be processed with one film. The film also lets automakers get multiple looks and decorating options with the same tool and process. But Soliant says the best part of paint film is that it eliminates the need to install or maintain a million-dollar painting facility. There are also no environmental compliance costs associated with the process.

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