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Machine Design

E-Stop button with illuminated base

A 30-mm emergency-stop (E-Stop) button combines status indication and safety in one. When the pushbutton is armed and the machine is in the “Run” position or is running, its bright, highly visible yellow illuminated base provides users with enhanced safety. In the event of an emergency, users push the button to change the yellow illumination to a flashing-red indicator. Users can reset only the pushed button or buttons, minimizing downtime. The yellow illumination also turns to a steady-red indicator when a “Stop” condition exists by applying an external signal via the M12 QD connector. The E-Stops are available with two-color yellow and red lighting, red lighting, or a nonilluminated black base. For applications requiring a series of E-Stops, multiple buttons can be interfaced and series connected with CSS Series Hookup Cordsets.

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