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Ecolocap Solutions Develops a Battery Based on Carbon Nanotubes

EcoloCap Solutions Inc.,

Engineers at EcoloCap Solutions Inc., Barrington, Ill., have developed a fully rechargeable and recyclable battery said to outperform its competitors.

The lead-acid battery has carbon nanotubes coating the anode and cathode cells, increasing their conductive surface areas by a factor of billions. The battery is also filled with a modified electrolyte that works with the nanotube-coated cells to reduce internal resistance or impedance. This eliminates heat buildup during operation and charging, and eliminates combustibility and short circuits.

According to the firm, the new battery has eight times the reserve capacity of traditional lead-acid batteries, two and a half times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, and a recharge time of 5 min. And nanotube batteries will cost less than lithium-ion batteries, says EcoloCap.

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