Machine Design

Efficient, reliable linear actuator

The DuraPlus linear actuator is designed for axial load capacity and improves actuator control and efficiency with the help of a precision-machined, rotating, self-lubricated nut of advanced polymers and a special leadscrew. The nut provides maintenance-free operation and reduces noise, and the stainless-steel leadscrew reduces friction and resists corrosion. The linear actuator saves space in tight system integration and serves as a drop-in replacement in existing stepper-motor systems. The NEMA size-17 and 23 high-torque motors reach and maintain a peak torque of 60 oz-in. with up to 50 lb of linear force and 150 oz-in. with up to 200 lb of linear force, respectively. Options include a variety of windings, choice of thread polymers, encoders, special antibacklash systems, lead wires and connectors, mounting and leadscrew modifications in varying lengths and widths, and special-tooled end-cap combinations.

EADmotors, 1 Progress Dr., Dover, NH 03820, (603) 742-3330,

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