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Electrical system daisy chains its way around towel packaging line

A developer of custom conveying systems figures modular wiring let it assemble and install a new packaging line for paper towels in one-fourth the time needed ordinarily.

Electrical system daisy chains its way around towel packaging line

Brad-Power plug-and-play modular power and electrical distribution components are visible on the motor and control unit powering this soft-drink-can packaging line. Similar components went on towel packaging machinery devised by Can Lines Engineering Inc.


Can Lines Engineering Inc., Downey, Calif., devised a system that packages and bundles rolls of paper towels coming off a converting line. The machinery's 480-V electrical system uses a modular system of quick-connect cord sets that lets a trunk/feeder line install daisy-chain fashion along the system's structural elements. The prewired cabling eliminates labor typically associated with wiring in conduit or raceways. It also allows convenient access points for power drops to motors, lights, and heaters.

The code-compliant electrical connections are part of the BradPower System series from Woodhead Industries Inc., a division of Molex Inc., Northbrook, Ill. The modular approach of these connections is made possible by changes to the NFPA-79 electrical standard governing electrical wiring for industrial equipment. Factory-installed, code-compliant connectors overmolded onto cables can handle up to 30-A feeder and 15-A branch power-distribution circuits rated to 600 Vac/dc.

Can Lines Engineering Inc.,
Woodhead Industries Inc.,

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