Machine Design

Electronic cables keep military robots on the battlefield

Cicoil Corp.

Many military robots rely on flexible, flat cables from Cicoil Corp., Valencia, Calif. The cables’ form factor makes them lightweight and compact, which saves space and power. The cables also carry more current than traditional cables, which reduces skewing effects and improves other electrical characteristics as well. The cables are enclosed in silicone jackets that absorb shocks and protect parts from vibrations. And unlike PVC, polyurethane, or Teflon jacketing, which need clamps to keep conductors from creeping out of them over time, snug silicone coverings keep the conductors from working their way out. Cicoil cables withstand water, humidity, temperatures from –65 to 260°C, and other rigors of turbulent flight. Cable options include power conductors, shielded signal pairs for EMI/RF suppression, video and coax conductors, and other design elements, including the company’s StripMount fastening strip.

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