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Excavator maker digs leakresistant pressure transmitters

Danfoss Industrial Automation

An excavator manufacturer discovered that pressure transmitters on its equipment were susceptible to leaks, letting water get in the sensor bodies. The weak connection between the cable connector and the sensor body was letting moisture destroy the circuit board.

The MBS1250 from Danfoss Inc., Baltimore, Md., turned out to be a cure for the problem. The compact pressure transmitter is designed for use in severe mobile hydraulic applications. Its body molding protects against leaks. The stainless-steel body withstands higher fastening and mounting torques than the welded pressure-port sensors it replaces. The MBS1250 is also significantly lighter.

The sensor has the additional advantage of letting operators easily check equipment status on the sensor’s display. The MBS1250 lights the brake and changes the mode to idle while the excavator is not in operation. This saves operators energy and oil.

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