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Machine Design

Flow control/check valve

The piSAVE sense is a flow-control/check valve for suction cups. It works in any orientation, is dirt tolerant, and increases vacuum flow through the valve when vacuum level drops to compensate for leakage, therefore retaining high lifting force in the cups that touch product.

Used for “object sensing” on flexible vacuum-handling devices with a centralized vacuum pump, the valves permit several suction cups to miss (or partly miss) sheet(s) and object(s) while maintaining enough vacuum level in the system.

Benefits include reduced need of vacuum-pump capacity, resulting in lower energy consumption. Users can also build flexible lifting devices that can serve a variety of different size or shape panels/sheets, eliminating the need for multiple lifting devices.

Piab USA Inc.
65 Sharp St.
Hingham, MA 02043
(781) 337-7309


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