Motion System Design
Free demo: Software simplifies control system setup

Free demo: Software simplifies control system setup

If setting up a control system isn’t your area of expertise, you may find a helping hand with some new software. Best of all, you can try out a free demo before deciding to buy the full program or not.

Think & Do 8.0 supports the development, deployment, and operation of complex automated control systems for material handling and manufacturing. The program’s intuitive and open-architecture environment easily integrates with hardware and software components from virtually all suppliers. Program features include ProjectCenter for launching and managing projects, FlowView for creating control logic in easy-to-use flowcharts, ScreenView for creating and editing HMI screens, I/OView for configuring I/O, and AppTracker, a fast, graphical debugging tool. A free demo is available for up to 40 hours use within a 30-day time period. Check it out at Scroll down about halfway through the page to reach the Think & Do software from AutomationDirect .

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