Machine Design

Fully digital drives

Three digital drives (25, 35, and 60 A rms/phase) offer power from 150 to 15,000 W continuous, and continuous output current from 2.4 to 60 A rms/phase. Their servooperation uses digital networking based on IEEE1394. This network provides high speed and uses cost-effective, industry-standard cabling. The cabling accommodates eight drives for each network. Each drive can support encoder-based servomotors, without potentiometers, jumpers, or field component changes. Factory adjustments are digital, automatically calibrated, and stored in the Flash memory. All user configurations are done in MotionDesk using axis configuration tools. Used with G and D Series brushless servomotors, they can provide continuous stall torques from 0.32 to 75 N-m. The SCR soft start circuit minimizes in-rush current on powerup. Motor types can be added and selected from a database, using a motor editor.

Ormec, 19 Linden Park, Rochester, NY 14625, (800) 656-7632.

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