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UL is now offering open-access online viewing of its digital library of more than 1,400 standards, to individuals and organizations, globally.

The Future is Collaborative and Open

UL offers open access to entire safety standards catalog.

Standards have never been more important than they are today—a world in which innovation inherently creates risk. When a new product, system or service is created in the current fast-paced era of innovation, the world is often unaware of the associated potential dangers or risks.

Standards are built into product and process development to mitigate these risks, providing manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with important requirements that deliver greater peace-of-mind that products will operate correctly, effectively…and safely.

As an independent standards development organization and global safety science company, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) has worked with a diverse cross-section of stakeholders to develop more than 1,400 standards to address safety, security, and sustainability challenges and foster safe living and working conditions for people everywhere. UL standards development covers nearly all products, systems, and services found in homes and workplaces.

The twin drivers of globalization and digitization have driven, and continue to drive, huge changes in standards and the way they are utilized. Product designers, manufacturers and code authorities no longer go to a single source for answers but pursue a more democratized view of data, information and expertise. Simultaneously, globalization has greatly impacted the standards development process. National standards bodies are seeking access to worldwide standards expertise while bringing new perspectives to the process.

In order to evolve its business to align with these changes, UL is now offering open-access online viewing of the entire UL-authored standards library to individuals and organizations, globally – for the first time in 125 years. This includes all current editions and revisions of UL and ULC Standards for Safety. .

With this move, global users of any economic means will be able to find, reference, and employ the UL library. To view the full catalog of UL safety standards, click here.

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