Motion System Design
Galileo Wheel

Galileo Wheel

Galileo is the innovator of a unique breakthrough technology, The Galileo Wheel, which combines a wheel and a track in a single component. The simple mechanism, wheel to track, or track to wheel, enables switching back and forth between the two modes within seconds. The technology provides the benefits of both traditional transport elements: the wheel with its energy efficiency, smooth ride, maneuverability, minimal footprint and suitability for high speeds, and the tracks with their superb traction for overcoming obstacles, towing capability, smoothness of ride over rough terrain and the capability to climb up and down stairs. Mobility needs analysis of tracked vehicles, specifically tracked robots, whether large or small, shows that the majority of these would be better off on wheels most of the time, but for a short yet critical portion of their intended operation, must be on tracks to achieve their mission. Galileo has developed the ideal mobility platform for robots, vehicles, wheelchairs and any other devices needing track and wheels simultaneously.

Check out the video on Engineering TV

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