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Gear drives reliably transmit power

Gear-drive units from Mitrpak, Uxbridge, Mass., have proven reliable for power transmission for over 30 years in the mostdemanding applications. All of the drives, including right-angle, threeway, and counterrotating units, give users mounting flexibility, with each drive having several mounting flanges and body-mounting surfaces. Customers can also order special materials, shaft extensions, and other modifications.

The durable drives use double-shielded, permanently greased standard metric ball bearings, as well as hardened-alloysteel spiral-bevel gears and aluminum housings. Stainless-steel shafts are standard. The drives’ gear-meshing assembly gives users quiet, vibration-free performance. And a bearing locknut makes maintenance in the field efficient and economical.

Drives are shipped completely enclosed, sealed, and lubricated for life with Exxon Nebula EP-O. This grease withstands operating temperatures from –65‹to 250°F. And bonded-lip grease seals provide positive grease retention, a feature recommended for food and drughandling equipment. Users can also specify hardcoated housings and bearing locknuts for food-processing equipment. Hardcoating is an electrochemical penetrating process that prevents peeling and flaking.

Right-angle and three-way units range in weight from 2 to 20 lb, can handle inputs from 20 to 4,000‹rpm, and transmit 26.3 to 630 lb-in. of torque. Counterrotating units weigh from 2 to 8 lb, handle inputs from 100 to 4,000 rpm, and transmit 22 to 189‹lb-in. of torque.

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