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Get up, get down

Postsurgery patients can get a boost from a new lightweight aluminum and elastomer walking stick called Gimme a Lift Personal Aid.

The Gimme a Lift Personal Aid has a slip-resistant anchor pad of Vyram TPE and a soft grip made from Santoprene TPV. The rubber-like materials add to the stability and aesthetics of the unit.

The device essentially relies on leverage to help raise and lower post-op patients who are able to walk. The 50-in. extruded aluminum shaft is reinforced with a honeycomb core. The device also has an anchor pad of Vyram thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and a soft-touch grip of Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) from Advanced Elastomer Systems, Akron, Ohio (

The lift weighs less than 2 lb and uses no batteries, wires, gears, or motors. It lets a caregiver lift a 200-lb patient to a standing position with just 25 lb of lifting effort. Perhaps most notably, in some cases the device reduced postsurgical pain from an 8 or 9 level on a 10-scale to a 2 or 3.

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