Machine Design

High-Flow Nylon 66

A high-impact nylon 66 (PA66) flows easily into intricate and multicavity parts such as fasteners and automotive engine cradle nests.

Chemlon 109 PA66 from Chem Polymer, Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., compared to other PA66s, is also tougher and better resists low-temperature impacts,” says Jeffrey Schmidt, Chem Polymer automotive market manager.

The compound’s flexural strength lets it withstand assembly stresses, while its toughness keeps parts from cracking at low temperatures. Its other key properties are a notched Izod impact strength of 4.5 ft-lb/in. (240 J/m) at –40°C and flexural strength of 7 kpsi (48.3 MPa).

Chemlon 109 compound is in service in various Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors parts. Chem Polymer supplies identical formulations of this product worldwide from production facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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Chem Polymer, a Teknor Apex Co., (800) 237-3167,

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