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Machine Design

Integrated hot-runner systems

The Unitized Hot Runner System is claimed to be a lower cost drop-in, wired alternative to "injection half of hot half" hot-runner systems.

The company has developed integrated hot-runner technology, combining a unitized design with a simple mold-design modification. Injection molders benefit from the integrated approach in several ways: Routine maintenance can be preformed without removing the hot-runner system from the molding machine. This permits exchanging gate-tip, end-cap, nozzle-heater, nozzle-thermocouple, and manifold thermocouple. Additionally, the hot-runner system can be completely exposed for thorough inspection, and the hot-runner system and mold are interchangeable. Valve-gate operational plumbing can be serviced without disassembly.

Incoe Corp., 1740 E. Maple Road, Troy, MI 48083, (248) 616-0220, e-mail: [email protected],

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