Machine Design

Interactive Motion-Control CD ROM

A new Virtual Classroom CD ROM from Parker Hannifin, Compumotor Div., Rohnert Park, Calif., has more than 480 Mbytes of technical information in one interactive CD ROM for engineers and integrators of electronic motion control equipment. Features include an engineering reference guide describing servo and stepmotor technology, servo and step-drive technology, servo-tuning, I/O modules, factory communications, and a glossary of motion-control terms. An applications solutions portion includes more than 20 application examples including feed-to-length, X/Y point-to-point, metering and dispensing, and indexing and conveyors. It also addresses contouring, tool feed, winding, following, injection molding, and flying cutoff. Motion-control products are also included as well as a tutorial virtual classroom that lets users click through presentations at their own pace. The CD ROM is free.

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