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Machine Design

Large-bore actuator built-to-order

A new 4-in.-diameter rodless cylinder from Tol-OMatic, Hamel, Minn., can be built-to-order and shipped in five days or less. The BC440 includes design features such as a self-aligning load supporting carrier with a wear-compensating, spring-loaded band insertion ramp for long life in highvelocity applications. It also includes a magnet for retrofitting of switch sensors without disassembling the cylinder.

The actuator's bearings provide bending-moment capacities of M = 5,746.6 lb-in., Ms = 172.0 lb-in., Mv = 790.0 lb-in., maximum force = 1,200 lb, and a 16.9-ft maximum stroke. These characteristics make it suited for demanding applications that require X-Y modular motion, lifting/lowering, or pushing/pulling of heavy loads.

The BC440 consists of a clear anodized extruded tube with T-grooves on three sides for mounting flexibility. The actuator has adjustable internal cushioning and flush end mounting, and the cylinder heads feature ports on the end and on either side of the head. A patented band-retention system combines an inner sealing band that creates a tight metal-to-metal seal within the internal diameter of the cylinder bore, with an outer dust band that keeps dust and grit away from the bore sealing band. Elastomer strips provide a positive nonmagnetic lock.

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