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LCPs Hold Bright LEDs

Vectra S liquidcrystal polymers (LCPs) have become the material of choice for withstanding temperatures above 260°C in lead-free soldering of LED packages.

LED packages of 2 to 7 mm2 are continuously molded using a proprietary reel-toreel technology that overmolds open cavities onto strips of lead frames in a multistation line using multicavity tools. Customers fill the cavities with dies that serve as the light source, wire bond the units, add a lens, and stamp the completed package out of the strip. The LCPs also withstand temperatures well above 300°C, undergo minimal dimensional change in molding and end use, and have negligible out gassing, so their volatiles don’t fog lenses or degrade contacts.

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Spectrum, operating unit of Barnes Group Inc.
(203) 736-5200,

Ticona, a div. of Celanese Corp.,
(800) 833-4882,

Spectrum Plastics, Ansonia, Conn., injection molds LED open-cavity packaging made of Vectra LCP on strips of lead frames. LED producers then place dies that serve as the light source in the cavities and perform other operations before stamping the completed package out of the strip.

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